Questions About Matthew 5-7

Matthew 5-7

Who of us sometimes wonder what kind of teacher was Jesus? Matthew 7:28-29

Who of us sometimes wonder if Jesus’ words really mean anything to us? Matthew 7:24-27

Who of us sometimes wonder about some religious teachers’ sincerity? Matthew 7:21-23

Who of us have wondered how to spot truth versus lies coming from religious teachers? Matthew 7:15-20

Who of us have considered how peer pressure may affect us? Matthew 7:13-14

Who of us have no problem asking for what we want? Matthew 7:7-12

Who of us sometimes judge people under wrong circumstances? Matthew 7:1-6

Who of us sometimes deal with anxiety? Matthew 6:25-34

Who of us wants to be rich? Matthew 6:19-24

Who of us are engaging in religious fasting? Matthew 6:16-18

Who of us wonder if forgiving someone is worth it? Matthew 6:14-15

Who of us have questions about prayer? Matthew 6:7-13

Who of us make public prayer an opportunity to really make us shine? Matthew 6:5-6

Who of us give just to get recognition for it? Matthew 6:1-4

Who of us operate in cliques? Matthew 5:43-48

Who of us believe in generosity? Matthew 5:40-42

Who of us believe in payback? Matthew 5:38-39

Who of us feel a need to swear sometimes to help someone believe us? Matthew 5:33-37

Who of us divorce just because we can? Matthew 5:31-32

Who of us have trouble staying focused on doing what is right? Matthew 5:29-30

Who of us married folk doesn’t commit adultery but look with lust at someone who is not our spouse? Matthew 5:27-28

Who asks Father for forgiveness but find it hard to forgive another? Matthew 5:23-26

Who of us does not kill but entertain murder in our heart? Matthew 5:21-22

Who of us are fulfilling the spirit of the Mosaic Law? Matthew 5:17

Who of us are letting our light shine through good works? Matthew 5:16

Who of us are the light of the world? Matthew 5:14